Oklahoma Pergolas | Can I Install Electrical Outlets on a Pergola?

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If you’re looking to have the best Oklahoma Pergolas installed in your backyard then look no further than Modern Woodscapes. We design and build high quality pergolas, pavilions, decks, and outdoor kitchens to enhance the versatility and functionality of your backyard. We take pride in the quality of work that we do and we focus on getting every detail right. You won’t find a company that offers a product or service at a higher quality than Modern Woodscapes. We have designed and built so many pergolas and decks over the years that we can definitely find and build a backyard living space that suits your needs.

If you are having Modern Woodscapes build you a Oklahoma Pergolas then we highly suggest that you customize it and add accessories that you feel like you would use and want on your pergola. One of the most common things to add onto a Pergola built by Modern Woodscapes is to have electrical outlets, lighting, and ceiling fans installed on your pergola. Adding an electrical box or two to the post of the Pergola will provide you with a space to plug in any electronic devices or accessories that you want to. It also future proofs your pergola by allowing you to plug in anything that you don’t have now but might have in the future. Say if you want to install a sound system underneath your pergola, having an electrical outlet outside and underneath your pergola right where you need it is perfect for you. Or if you want to lounge around underneath your Oklahoma Pergolas built by Modern Woodscapes then having a spot where you can charge your phone is a must. Or if you are using an iPad to play games, watch videos, or read a book in the battery runs low that you can plug it in and continue to use it.

Another great option is to add a ceiling fan underneath your pergola, and depending on how big of a Pergola it is you my add multiple fans underneath it. If you are relaxing underneath your pergola on a hot summer day, then having the ceiling fan to circulate the air is a great option to keep you cool. Also if there is no breeze or wind when you are using your backyard, then having a ceiling fan move the stagnant air around really changes the atmosphere underneath your pergola. It also adds versatility and functionality to your backyard living space built by Modern Woodscapes.

Adding lights to the underside of your Oklahoma Pergolas is a fantastic way to increase the usability of your backyard. This will allow you to use your backyard living space even after the sun has gone down. So if you are hosting an event or party then you don’t have to move it indoors once the sun has set, you can just turn on the lights and continue into the night. Adding string lights is the perfect way to set the right ambience for you and your guests. Having them on a dimmable switch allows you to adjust the brightness to match the ambience that you are wanting to create. If you are wanting a more intimate setting than turn the lights down low to enjoy the perfect amount of light. Then you can also turn them on as high as you want if you are hosting an event that requires it. This allows so much flexibility in gives you the control of the atmosphere you are wanting to create. You can also install rope lights to highlight a certain aspect of the Pergola, or just normal LED light fixtures to flood the patio underneath your pergola with light. You can also add floodlights to the exterior of your pergola to light up your backyard if you want to. This is perfect if there is a spot away from your house where people can congregate where there isn’t enough light that you can do that during the night. Floodlights are also useful if you have them on the motion activated setting, to light up your backyard if they detect motion from a would be home invader. They are a fantastic deterrent if someone is trying to break into your home.

If you have a grill outside that you use frequently and it always remains in one spot, then adding a floodlight above your grill that is attached to your Pergola is perfect for you. This way you can still continue to use your grill even during the winter months when the sun sets around 5:30 PM. So after you get home from work and start to cook dinner you can fire up the grill and turn on the floodlights above your grill so you can continue to use it even if the sun has set. This add so much flexibility to your outdoor living space and will allow you to use your grill all year long.

If you have any steps or elevation changes on your patio, then adding landscape lighting around the steps to eliminate them during the night is a must. This will decrease the possibility of someone hurting themselves if they don’t see the steps if it is dark outside. Most of the time these are set on an automatic switch and they will turn on once he gets dark outside, see don’t ever have to worry about having to turn them on.

So what are you waiting for, go to our website right now to check out all of the services that Modern Woodscapes has offer. Our website is www.ModernWoodscapes.com and you can see all of the previous projects that we have worked on. This will allow you to get a good idea of the type of accessories that you can add to your backyard living space, and is a good resource for you to have when you are brainstorming about designing your pergola. Modern Woodscapes can build and construct all of those structures for you. We offer a free consultation in a free 3-D rendering to all of our clients, so call us today at 405-596-7165 to schedule that free consultation.