Pergolas by Modern Woodscapes

Having a pergola is your backyard creates a space where you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, yet remain protected from the elements. We install a clear polycarbonate roof on top of our pergolas to shield you from the rain and UV Light. This allows you to enjoy your pergola in all kinds of weather conditions and in every season, even on those hot Oklahoma summer days. It also means that your patio furniture under your pergola is protected from damage as well. This way your expensive patio furniture will last longer and won’t fade as quickly. The polycarbonate roof also has a 40% tint, this brings even more shade to your Tulsa Pergola.

There are so many options available to add on to Tulsa Pergolas, you can customize it however you would like. Many clients want to watch TV while sitting under their pergola, so adding a custom built cedar TV cabinet might be a great option for that. Adding a stone or brick fireplace is the perfect choice if you want to sit outside and enjoy a fire in the evenings. They also add a ‘wow’ factor that will be sure to impress any guests you have over. We can also add electricity to Tulsa Pergolas to power ceiling fans, light fixtures, string lights, and outlets, this will allow you to set the mood however you would like.

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Pavilions by Modern Woodscapes

Adding a cedar pavilion to your backyard is an exceptional idea, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetic allure. Cedar, known for its natural beauty and durability, elevates the pavilion into a timeless outdoor sanctuary. The rich tones and distinct grain patterns of cedar add a touch of elegance, creating a visually appealing focal point that enhances the overall ambiance of your backyard.

Beyond its aesthetic charm, the cedar pavilion serves as a versatile space for various activities. Whether hosting intimate gatherings, enjoying family meals, or simply unwinding with a good book, the pavilion offers shelter and comfort, extending your outdoor living experience. Cedar’s natural resistance to decay, insects, and weathering ensures that your pavilion stands resilient against the elements, requiring minimal maintenance.

Furthermore, the scent of cedar adds a sensory dimension to your outdoor retreat, creating an atmosphere of tranquility. As seasons change, the pavilion becomes a year-round haven, providing shade in the summer and a cozy shelter during cooler months. With a cedar pavilion, you not only invest in a practical and durable structure but also enhance the overall charm of your backyard, offering a space where memories are made and shared amidst the beauty of nature.

Decks by Modern Woodscapes

If your backyard is sloped or if you just love the look of natural cedar wood, having a deck is a great option for you. Decks allow you to create a backyard living space on uneven ground and the look that they provide is second to none.

We build our deck using composite deck boards. You can pick the color and texture of the composite boards to match your existing home. They have minimal maintenance, so if you are wanting to drastically decrease maintenance on your deck, then this is the perfect option for you.

Modern Woodscapes uses only the best construction techniques when building and framing a deck. The foundation is built upon concrete piers and the frame is made with pressure treated lumber, this will resist rot and decay which will extend the lifespan of your deck. We also use black vinyl tape to cover the tops of the frame and joists. This serves two functions, it will make the tops of the deck joists black so that it is hard to see the frame between the deck boards, and it helps water to run off the top of the joists to prevent rot.

Railing is also important for decks that will be elevated above the ground, or if you just want to enclose your living space. We have many railing options to choose from, including cedar railing, metal railing to look fancy and unique, or a combination of both. You can also pick metal railing options that are available online and we can install it for you.

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Outdoor Kitchens by Modern Woodscapes

Are you wanting to expand your backyard living space by adding an Outdoor Kitchen? Modern Woodscapes can help you design and build your perfect Outdoor Kitchen that will suit your every need. Our experts will help you conceptualize and design an Outdoor Kitchen that fits your backyard and budget.

We have experience in designing and building custom Outdoor Kitchens. If you are wanting a built-in natural gas grill, smoker, sink, mini-fridge, pizza oven, or storage, we can help your dream become a reality.

You can also have the concrete on your outdoor living space stamped and stained to give it a stone look. Adding a TV cabinet, custom cedar benches, and a stone fireplace are great options to increase the usability of your outdoor living space so you can host the best events!

Outdoor Fireplaces by Modern Woodscapes

Having an outdoor fireplace in your backyard transforms it into the perfect stay-cation spot. It’s not just about keeping warm; it totally changes the feel of your patio. When the sun goes down, this outdoor fireplace makes your backyard a cozy hangout where your family and friends can gather around and enjoy the fire.

The crackling sounds and the shadows dancing in the firelight make your get-togethers super welcoming and pleasant. And it’s not just for show – having an outdoor fireplace means your backyard stays warm even when it’s a bit chilly. Whether you want a calm evening with a book or a lively night of stories under the stars, the fireplace brings the heat and makes everything feel comfy.

And let’s talk style – outdoor fireplaces can look really cool, from old-school rustic to modern designs. They’re like the stylish touch in your backyard. With an outdoor fireplace, your backyard is the place to be all year – where the warmth of the fire and the chill outdoor vibes create the ultimate spot to relax and hang out with your friends. It’s not just a fireplace; it’s the secret ingredient for turning regular times into awesome times in your backyard.

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Tulsa Privacy Walls 20

Privacy Walls by Modern Woodscapes

Privacy Walls are also a great option to add onto Tulsa Pergolas, outdoor kitchens, and decks if you are concerned about the sun hitting your backyard in the evenings from the west. They offer ample amounts of shade and will also help block that strong Oklahoma wind. Or if your neighbors can view your backyard, privacy walls will protect your backyard living space from prying eyes and give you a sense of privacy you might not otherwise have.

Privacy walls can be free-standing and don’t need to be connected to Tulsa Pergolas or any deck. Modern Woodscapes can custom build you a privacy wall with a lattice construction or we can make the walls solid with a cedar tongue and groove option. We can do it all to suit your needs and requirements. Many of our customers choose to add custom built cedar shutters to their privacy walls, this is a great option if you want to let more light in but still have the privacy you desire.