Oklahoma Pergolas | Can I Put a Pergola Over a Pool

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At Modern Woodscapes we specialize in building the best Oklahoma Pergolas in the area. We build all sorts of custom pergolas, decks, patios, and outdoor kitchens and have something that will be able to meet your needs. If you are wanting to jazz up your backyard than adding a custom-built cedar pergola is the perfect option for you. If you already have a nice backyard then having a custom-built cedar Pergola installed in your backyard will take it to the next level. It will provide a space for you and your guest to congregate in and allow you to have the most flexibility and functionality out of your backyard.

If you have a pool but are wanting to provide shade over a portion, or all of your pool then calling Modern Woodscapes today to schedule your free consultation is what you need to be doing. Having us build a Pergola to provide half of your pool with shade is a great option if you are wanting to enjoy the pool but not get sunburned. We install a clear polycarbonate roof over most of the pergolas that we build, and this clear polycarbonate panel blocks out 100% of the harmful UV rays from the sun. The UV rays are the part that cause damage and give you the sunburn if you stay out for too long without sunblock. So having Modern Woodscapes build you a Oklahoma Pergolas to provide shade over your pool is a great option.

You also don’t have to put the pergola over the entire pool, you could just have Modern Woodscapes put the pergola over half or a portion of the pool. This would still give you the flexibility of enjoying swimming in the sunshine, while also giving you the option to cool off and enjoy the pool in the shade. This way you can get the most use out of your pool, so if it is a scorching hot day in you don’t want to swim in the sun, then swimming in the shaded section of the pool is perfect for you. Also, the Oklahoma Pergolas built by Modern Woodscapes that is over your pool would also create shade on the sides and adjacent to your pool. This will allow you to pull up a chair and sit back and relax next to the pool in the shade. If you don’t want to sit right next to the pool, then we can extend the pergola back over and away from the pool to give you the flexibility of either sitting right next to the pool or away from the pool, this will allow you to still be able to watch what’s going on in the pool if your kids are swimming in it.

In today’s day and age pool safety is a high priority if you have a pool in your backyard. You don’t want your children or your children’s friends using the pool if you’re not there to supervise them. Another major concern is the increase in the skin cancer rate of people who are outside more often than those who are inside. So providing a space over your pool that is shaded will reduce your risk of contracting skin cancer or skin disease later on in life. This will allow you to protect your kids future health but also to provide them with a pool that they can enjoy their whole childhood.

Some people might ask if it’s a good idea to put a wooden structure next to a pool. This is a valid concern, but here at Modern Woodscapes we think this is a great idea. You can have your Oklahoma Pergolas built right over your pool or right next to it without concern for the need to replace it in 10 years. The major reason for this is that the high quality Western red Cedar wood that we use has natural oils within the wood that repel and resist water. So if you’re Pergola does get wet from being by their pool if someone decides to do a cannonball. Then rest assured that the water will drain off properly and not cause any future issues like rot or decay. Another thing to consider is that the stain that we use on our pergolas will repel water better than the natural oils within the wood. So you get a double protection over the Cedar lumber that we use to install your pergola.

So if you have a wooden structure, a Pergola or a deck, that is close to your pool that you are worried about it rotting in a year or two if it gets wet, then rest assured because if you have a Oklahoma Pergolas or deck that is built by Modern Woodscapes and you take care of it properly, then it will last for well over a decade. This is a great selling point and something to consider when deciding to use Modern Woodscapes or go with another company. More often than not they will cut corners and not protect the wood properly, or their building techniques will be subpar and not provide the best strength to make the structure last for years to come. Here at Modern Woodscapes we use only the best construction techniques that minimize the risk of water damage and for the the project losing structural integrity in a few years.

At Modern Woodscapes we have the highest customer service available and we care deeply about providing the highest quality of craftmanship that we can. So right now you can go to our website at www.modernwoodscapes.com or give us a call at 405-596-7165 two schedule your free consultation for one of our expert designers to come and sit down with you to talk about building the backyard of your dreams. During this process you will also receive a free 3-D rendering of the project that you discuss with our expert designer, see can see what it will look like once it is finished. That’s the Modern Woodscapes difference!