Oklahoma Pergolas | Do I Need a Privacy Wall?

Oklahoma Pergolas | Do I Need a Privacy Wall? | Modern Woodscapes


Here at Modern Woodscapes we build the best Oklahoma Pergolas in the area, in a great option to add on to your Pergola is to increase the privacy by adding a privacy wall. This is a great option for you if you live in a neighborhood and have neighbors that can’t see into your backyard from their house. This gives you that since a privacy that you need as you enjoy your outdoor living space built by Modern Woodscapes. Now you have no excuse to go out and enjoy being in the outdoors on your patio. They also function great is when blockers, that is especially important here in the windy state of Oklahoma. It’s common to have strong wind and having a privacy wall built around your pergola will also do a fantastic job of blocking that strong Oklahoman wind.

You might be asking yourself, what is a privacy wall? Will a privacy wall is just that, it is a structure made out of wood that Modern Woodscapes can build on or around your Oklahoma Pergolas. We build our privacy walls out of high quality Western red Cedar that is stained to match the Pergola on your patio built by Modern Woodscapes. We have several designs and options available to choose from. Our most common type a privacy wall that we build is a lattice structure. On both ends of the privacy wall we put strong 4×4 cedar posts, or we can anchor it to the post of an existing Pergola. In the middle of the privacy wall we build a wooden lattice structure made out of 2×2 cedar wood strips. These strips are orientated in the vertical and horizontal directions to create a lattice structure that does a fantastic job of blocking the wind while creating privacy from your neighbors.

Another option that we have for building a privacy wall that you can add onto your Oklahoma Pergolas, is to have the privacy wall made out of solid cedar paneling. We create these out of high quality Western red Cedar boards that are manufactured in such a way that they lock into each other to create a solid wall. These boards are called tongue and groove boards and they are a great option if you are wanting 100% coverage for your privacy wall. This style also has the strong 4×4 posts on either end, or can be anchored to a Pergola as well. On the top and bottom of this type of privacy wall will need to be a piece of solid 2×4 cedar that will run the length of the privacy wall to add support and will provide a place for the cedar tongue and groove boards to fasten to.

We can also install windows and custom-built cedar shutters into the side of any privacy wall that we build. Wooden shutters are very common to have installed on a privacy wall, because they allow you to open them to allow sunlight in if there are no neighbors out, but you can close them if it is windy outside or if you are wanting more privacy. The shutters are built from the same high quality cedar that the privacy wall and Oklahoma Pergolas are built out of, and they are stained to match as well.

Adding a privacy wall to your custom-built pergola by Modern Woodscapes is a great option for you to increase the privacy of your patio while also serving the function of blocking that strong Oklahoma wind. There is no better option for you to create privacy on your patio then by adding a privacy wall built by Modern Woodscapes. Every privacy wall that we build is custom-made to match your specific patio in the design that you are wanting to go with. We have strong customer service and customer satisfaction and want to take care of your every need. That is why we will work with you on designing and brainstorming what the best option to you would be. And before we even take the deposit for building your custom Oklahoma Pergolas and privacy wall, we will provide a free 3-D rendering of the projects so you can see what it will look like before it is built. This will allow you to make changes beforehand while it is relatively easy to do so.

We have so many customers that are extremely happy with Modern Woodscapes and the customer service that we offer. We want to take care of our customers needs and will do whatever it takes to make them happy. That is the Modern Woodscapes difference, compared to most other construction companies we truly care about our clients and want to take care of their needs.

If you have an existing Pergola at your house we can also install a custom privacy wall onto your existing Pergola, so there’s no need for us to rebuild the entire Pergola if you already have one. This is a great and fantastic accessory to add on to your existing Pergola, as it will add more functionality and flexibility to your backyard living space. Each privacy wall is custom-built and designed to meet your needs. We will help you design the perfect privacy wall for your backyard and guide you on any other accessories that you want add on to your privacy wall.

So what are you waiting for, go to our website right now which is www.ModernWoodscapes.com so you can see several of the past projects that we have worked on. You can also get a good sense of what our products look like and view things that you would like to add on to your Oklahoma Pergolas. You can also fill out our connect form on the contact us tab, and we will reach out to you promptly to set up an appointment and free consultation. You can also call us at 405-596-7165 to schedule your free consultation and you will also receive a free 3-D rendering of your project.