Oklahoma Pergolas | Do I Need a TV on My Patio

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Modern Woodscapes is committed to building the best Oklahoma Pergolas in the area! We have several options available to choose from if you are wanting to add accessories to your outdoor living space. One of our most popular accessories that we offer is adding a TV cabinet to be installed underneath your pergola. Our TV cabinets are custom built in are made out of high quality Western red Cedar that is stained to match cedar wood on your pergola. This will help ensure that the TV cabinet matches the custom-built pergola on your patio.

There are several reasons that you would want to add a TV to your backyard living space. One of the best reasons for adding a TV to your patio is that it will allow you to turn on sports game, or your favorite TV show so you can enjoy them while you are lounging under your custom Oklahoma Pergolas built by Modern Woodscapes. Also the TV cabinets that we install our custom-built and are made of high quality Cedar lumber. We have a 55 inch and a 65 inch option available to you, this allows flexibility in the TV size to match your needs. Also, when you are hosting events and parties in your outdoor living space built by Modern Woodscapes, you can have the TV on in the background that will allow guests to watch the TV if they are interested.

The TV cabinets that we install our custom-built and made of high quality Cedar lumber, and will be a great addition to go underneath your Oklahoma Pergolas built by Modern Woodscapes. The TV cabinets have a door that hinges upward and remains open with the help of two hydraulic pistons. This ensures that the door of the TV cabinet stays open while you are watching TV. We believe this is a better solution then having the door of the TV cabinet swing to the side when you open it. Usually those type of doors will get in the way and block high traffic areas, this will be a hindrance to people. There is also the possibility that someone will run into an open door and it will slam shut, possibly causing damage and hurting that individual. Worst of all is that kids running around might accidentally slam their heads into an open door, and that would not be a good situation to be. So we prevent all of those possibilities by having the door hinge upwards to get it out of the way.

We recommend mounting the TV inside the TV cabinet on a movable bracket that will allow you to tilt the TV in any direction that you want, to match the viewing angle and give you the best possible use of the TV screen. This will allow you to make the best use out of your Oklahoma Pergolas built by Modern Woodscapes. TV brackets are super simple to install and are easy to hang your TV on. The stereo and cable box can be installed in a closet were cabinet inside your home, then you can run the cables directly to your TV and have an IR sensor underneath your TV so you can still use your remotes when outside underneath your pergola. Because having to go inside to change the channels would be such a hassle.

Another important thing to know about our TV cabinets is that they have an integrated lock on the door, so when you are not using your TV underneath your Oklahoma Pergolas then you can lock the door shut on your TV cabinet to prevent it from being damaged or stolen. Water is the enemy of all electronics and having your TV in a custom built TV cabinet will prevent water from getting onto your TV. These TV cabinets will drain the water away from your TV to protect it from getting damaged. Although it is sad, in today’s day and age you have to secure all of your belongings, that’s why the lock is built in so you can be sure that your TV is safe.

We recommend having the TV cabinet installed against the wall of your house or against a custom-built privacy wall that we can add to your Oklahoma Pergolas, this will reduce the chances of getting any water damage on your TV. So even if there is a strong thunderstorm and that Oklahoma wind is blowing hard, the TV cabinet is tucked away as far as possible from the rain. If the layout of your patio doesn’t allow the TV cabinet to be up against the wall, we add extra measures to protect the back of the TV from water damage, at Modern Woodscapes we take care of your property even your TVs

The TV cabinets are made out of strong, high quality cedar, the frame of the TV cabinet is made of 2×12 rough cedar. This ensures that the TV cabinet is sturdy and won’t fall apart after years of use. The front of the TV cabinet is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and has that modern rustic feel to it.

When having Modern Woodscapes build you the best Oklahoma Pergolas and when we install our custom-built TV cabinets, we also recommend that you have a surroundsound system installed underneath your pergola as well. We recommend adding speakers to the four corners of your patio and setting up the electronics accordingly. This will offer you the best sound system available. You can also install a sound bar underneath your TV, but if you are wanting to listen to music you have to have the TV cabinet door open, that is why we recommend having speakers in the corners of your pergola as opposed to a TV sound bar.

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