Oklahoma Pergolas – Is My Pergola Waterproof

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At Modern Woodscapes we build the best Oklahoma Pergolas in the area, and we have the highest standards when it comes to customer service to back it up. Right now our Google rating is a five-star and we have over 40 reviews. This show you that we truly believe customer service is of the utmost importance. Everything that we do and how we build your pergola is of the highest quality and of the highest standard. We go above and beyond the other construction companies in the area, so you are getting the best service in the best value at Modern Woodscapes.

If you are currently in the market to have an Oklahoma Pergolas built in your backyard, then one question that you might have is is the pergola going to be waterproof? This is a very valid question is a most of the pergolas that you see on the Internet are just open on top as the wood is in a lattice format and will only block out about 10% of the sunlight. However at Modern Woodscapes we install a polycarbonate roof on the majority of the pergolas that we build. We highly recommend that you get a polycarbonate roof installed as it offers so many benefits and will definitely pay for itself in the long term. These benefits include being able to block the rain, block the snow, protect the pergola would, and protect everything that’s underneath your pergola.

Having a polycarbonate roof installed on top of your Oklahoma Pergolas built by Modern Woodscapes is the perfect option for you when you are wanting to waterproof your pergola and your patio. The polycarbonate roof will block 100% of the rain that falls on the pergola, keeping everything that’s underneath it dry in the process. Except for those rare thunderstorms with sideways rain, what’s underneath your pergola will be protected from the rain. We use corrugated polycarbonate roof and attach that to the top of your pergola to block out the rain. The pergola roof is constructed at a slight angle that will allow the water to drain off one side. The side that it drains off is typically the far the side from the house, this prevents any water damage from happening to the structure of your home.

Another thing that having a polycarbonate roof built on top of your Oklahoma Pergolas by Modern Woodscapes is that it will offer protection from the harsh sun light. The type of rays from the sun that caused damage to things and to your skin are the UV rays. A polycarbonate roof will block 100% of all of the UV rays that come from the sun, this will protect the wood of the Pergola as well as everything that is underneath the pergola and in its shade. Protecting the wood of the pergola from the harsh sunlight will prolong the life of your pergola and make it last a lot longer than if you didn’t have a polycarbonate roof on top of it. The UV rays cause the wood to deteriorate over time in turned gray, affecting the look and functionality of the Pergola. Also the polycarbonate roof will block the UV rays from hitting everything that’s underneath the pergola, this includes patio furniture, things on your patio, outdoor kitchen supplies, and even you when you are enjoying it outside. The fabric on your outdoor furniture usually phase in about one year when exposed to the UV light from the sun, but having the patio furniture underneath the pergola that blocks out the UV light will protect it and make it last for years so you don’t have to replace your furniture every two years or so. This will definitely save you money in the long run and will keep your patio looking fresh and clean.

Another benefit to adding a polycarbonate roof on top of your Oklahoma Pergola built by Modern Woodscapes is that it provides additional shade that the structure of the Pergola doesn’t offer. The polycarbonate layer blocks 40% of the visible sunlight, so you enjoy more shade while being underneath your pergola built by Modern Woodscapes. This is a great addition to customers who love the look of the Pergola but don’t have the finances available to add a solid wood roof on top of the pergola or to build up solid pavilion. As pavilions are almost double the cost of a traditional pergola, because there are some much more materials involved in labor. So that extra shade goes a long way in keeping the temperature underneath your pergola at an acceptable level. You don’t have to worry about the space underneath your pergola overheating, even on a day when there is no breeze the temperature underneath your pergola all be nice and cool. But adding a ceiling fan underneath your pergola will also help contribute to keeping the temperature cool underneath your pergola so that you can enjoy it on more days.

As we have discussed before, the polycarbonate roof blocks out the rain from hitting things underneath your Oklahoma Pergola built by Modern Woodscapes. So even after it has rained and you want to go outside and enjoy being underneath your pergola, you don’t have to worry about drying off your outdoor furniture with towels or by letting it air dry. You can immediately go outside and enjoy being in mother nature as you sit on the drive for furniture. This is deafly a game changer and will allow you to use your backyard more often, so you get a better bang for your buck.

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