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At Modern Woodscapes we take pride in building the best Oklahoma Pergolas in the area! We also offer the best customer service that we can in build our projects with the highest level of craftsmanship that we can provide. We never cut corners and we believe providing the best overall craftsmanship of the project is a good way to get referrals from our amazing clients. We go above and beyond in taking care of our clients by providing them with the best customer service available.

Ways that Modern Woodscapes provides the best customer service as we build your Oklahoma pergolas is that we offer you a free consultation in a free 3-D rendering to all of our clients. What this means is that whenever you call Modern Woodscapes at 405-596-7165 we will schedule a time for one of our expert designers to come out and sit down with you to discuss building a backyard of your dreams. They will offer suggestions at what other customers have had us build in their backyards, you can look on the Internet to see some very creative and amazing ideas that other people have implemented, and once you tell that to our expert designer they will take the information and put together a project that you are satisfied with. Once they have all the details, they will then create a 3-D rendering in computer aided design software with all of the suggestions that were discussed at the consultation. Once I 3-D rendering is complete we will schedule a visit for us to come back out and show you what the project will look like once it is actually built. This is a great way for you to actually “see” what the finished product will look like once Modern Woodscapes is finished.

This is definitely a game changer for the industry, considering the majority of other backyard living space construction companies will charge you a fee for the 3-D rendering. Some companies in the area will even charge you up to $700 for this 3-D rendering. At Modern Woodscapes we think that is absurd and just ridiculously overpriced, so we provide these services for free to enhance the overall customer satisfaction of our clients. When building are high quality Oklahoma Pergolas we take customer service to the next level by providing you with constant communication throughout the entire building process. From the moment you call us to set up your free consultation to the moment your project is finished, Modern Woodscapes will provide you with consistent project updates to keep you informed of the progress of your project. We never want the customer guessing what were going to do next or to leave you hanging without an update. This causes confusion and most the time the project would just drag on without this constant communication. So we go out of our way to provide you with the most clear, concise, and consistent communication that we can. Most of the time we set up a weekly or biweekly call with the customer just to talk to them about the progress of their project in several of the next steps that will be going on.

When Modern Woodscapes is building you the Oklahoma Pergolas of your dreams we also will take care of your backyard. We realize that you are having Modern Woodscapes build you a Pergola in your backyard to enhance the feel, look, and functionality of your backyard so we don’t want to do anything that would make your backyard look messy or to cause damage to it. We will go out of our way to ensure the safety of the belongings in your backyard, as well as protect the surrounding grass and dirt from damage. Some of the policies that we have in place are that none of our employees are allowed to smoke at any job site or in any company vehicle. Smoking is repulsive to most people and if our customers are non-smokers, yet we had employees smoking in their backyard near their back porch, that would just be a recipe for disaster. So we nip that in the butt and don’t allow any of our employees to smoke while on your property. We have found this to be very helpful in increasing the customer satisfaction of our amazing clients.

Another way that Modern Woodscapes provides the best customer service when building your Oklahoma Pergolas is that we always say what will save will do. We also arrive on time and ready to work every day we are working on your project. We have strict rules and policies in place that make sure that our employees will arrive to the job site on time and won’t be running late. We know that this is common with most other construction companies, but here at Modern Woodscapes we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best customer satisfaction available. Also if we say that we are going to do something, then we mean it! We never backtrack on any of the promises that we make to our customers and if you want us to do something, or not do something, then we will follow through.

We also stick to the budget that we initially set during the planning phase of your consultation. We don’t have any sneaky hidden fees at the end of the project that we throw on that you were not aware of. We are very up front with all the costs associated with building you the best Oklahoma Pergolas in your backyard living space.

Right now you can go to our website at www.modernwoodscapes.com or you can give us a call at 405-596-7165 two schedule your free consultation with one of our expert designers. We will go over all the details with you, and during this process until the very end will provide you with the best customer service available. You will also receive a free 3-D rendering before you even give us any money.