Oklahoma Pergolas | Why should I add a Pergola to my backyard

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Here at Modern Woodscapes we help transform our customers backyard into the oasis of their dreams by adding a beautiful Oklahoma Pergolas to their backyard. We take such high pride in the highest level of customer satisfaction that we can provide. We use the highest quality Western red Cedar in all of the construction. Some of the benefits of Cedar wood is that it is naturally water resistant, but resistant, and rot resistant so your pergola or deck will last a long time and for many years to come.

If you are looking to spice up your backyard, or you think your backyard is boring and are looking for something new, then adding a Oklahoma Pergola to your backyard is the perfect option for you. This will provide a space for you to hang out in your backyard where you can relax and just chill out. It also provides a space for you to host parties in events and will be the focal point of where your guests hang out. There are so many options and accessories you can add to your pergola that will enhance the functionality and flexibility of it. So it’s not going to be just a boring wooden structure, but you can truly make it into something that fits all of your needs.

What we see most often is that customers are wanting to add a space where they can host people in events and parties and hosting things in their backyard is just such an obvious choice. But there current backyard is lacking or doesn’t have the amenities they are looking for. So adding a custom-built cedar Oklahoma Pergola is the perfect option for them. This will allow them to customize their backyard to however they are wanting, and adding any of the accessories that they think they will utilize the most. There are so many accessories to choose from, some of the most common ones that we install our electrical outlets, lighting, speaker system, TV cabinet, ceiling fans, swings, and benches.

Having Modern Woodscapes install a TV in your Oklahoma Pergola in our custom-built TV cabinets is such an amazing option for you to spice up your backyard. It will allow you to watch TV whenever you want, whether that is your favorite sports team or your favorite show, and will allow your guests to enjoy watching TV while they are hanging out at your house in your backyard. Our custom-built TV cabinets are made of the same high quality cedar that the pergola is made out of and it is stains to match. It also has a door on the front of the TV cabinet that opens when you are using the TV but when you are not using a TV there is a lock to prevent the TV from being damaged and from being stolen. It has a very rustic look to it and we can customize the TV box to your liking.

Having electrical outlets and lighting installed underneath your custom-built Oklahoma Pergola by Modern Woodscapes is a fantastic option to go with. This allows you to use it no matter what time of the day it is. And since most events and parties go into the night, then having the ability to turn on the lights and keep the party going is a must. You can also dim the lights to your liking this will allow you to set the mood to however you choose. Also having electrical outlets on at least two sides of your pergola will provide you with flexibility and functionality to plug in anything in that you want to in your backyard. Whether this is specific for you hosting events, or if you need to plug in an extension cord when you’re doing lawn work, this is the perfect accessory to have.

One thing that we can recommend to go with your TV cabinet is for us to install speakers and surround sound underneath your pergola, this will not only allow you to fully enjoy your favorite sports team as your watching them, but will also allow you to listen to music if the TV is off. This is a great option to have if you ever host calm more intimate events with just a few people, you can also enjoy this if you’re just hanging out underneath the pergola by yourself or with your significant other. It is one of the lower-cost accessories that we offer, but will definitely increase the usability of the space. You will definitely be able to enjoy it more if you have a speaker system installed.

Having a ceiling fan or to install underneath your Pergola built by Modern Woodscapes is definitely a must in the hot Oklahoma summer’s. On most days when it is extremely hot and there is not a breeze to be found, that even being outside in the shade is still too hot. So having a fan to be able to circulate the air underneath your pergola is something that we highly recommend that you have. It will also add to the aesthetic look of the Pergola and increase the value of it.

One thing that we recommend the most is having Modern Woodscapes install a polycarbonate roof on top of your Oklahoma Pergola. This will allow all the rain to be blocked and to roll off the edge of your pergola. This will allow you to use the pergola no matter what the weather is doing outside, see you can go out onto your patio still be outside and listen to the rain hit the polycarbonate roof, which can be very relaxing. This Polly roof also blocks 100% of the harmful UV rays from the sun. These are the damaging rays that make materials fade and deteriorate over time. This not only protects the wood of the Pergola and will make it last longer, but will also protect anything underneath your pergola from getting damaged. So if you have lawn furniture that is fabric it won’t be fated in one season, the Polly roof will protect it to make it last for much longer.

So right now go to www.modernwoodscapes.com to fill out our connect form to schedule a free consultation with our expert designers. We will go over all the details to build you the perfect pergola in your backyard! You can also call us right now at 405-596-7165 to speak with one of our trained staff members to schedule your free consultation.