Oklahoma Pergolas | Will You Enjoy a Pergola in Your Backyard?

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Modern Woodscapes is a premier builder of Oklahoma Pergolas and can take care of all of your backyard living space needs. We offer so many options when it comes to increasing the functionality of your backyard, and our customer service is the best in the business. We offer frequent in precise communication with the customer during the construction of your project and will take care of all of your needs. Having a Pergola built in your backyard will totally transform the way that it feels and will definitely increase the functionality of your patio. Any friends, family, and guests that you have over will definitely be blown away by new amazing Oklahoma Pergolas in your backyard that was built by Modern Woodscapes.

Right now, if your back patio is just a slab of uncovered concrete with nothing on it then you are the perfect candidate to have a Pergola built by Modern Woodscapes. Adding a Pergola to your current patio will increase the flexibility and functionality of your backyard by offering you a space to hang out and host any guest that you have over. It will transform the space from a bleak slab of concrete where no one ventures to, into a place where everyone wants to be. It will definitely be the center of the party. At Modern Woodscapes we add a polycarbonate roof over the top of all of the pergolas that we build (we can build them without the polycarbonate roof, but we highly recommend that you have one installed). Having this roof will allow you to enjoy your pergola no matter what the weather is doing outside. If it is raining then you can still enjoy being outside and listen to the rain hit your roof and not have to worry about getting wet. If the sun is shining and it’s hot outside then sit underneath the shade of the Pergola to get away from the scorching summer heat. You can enjoy being outside underneath your pergola at all times of the year, especially if you have a fire pit or fireplace built underneath your Oklahoma Pergolas made by Modern Woodscapes.

Having a custom stone fireplace built underneath your Oklahoma Pergolas that is constructed by Modern Woodscapes will allow you to use your Pergola no matter what season it is. If it is fall outside and the cooler weather starts to move in, then you can turn on your fireplace to add warmth underneath your pergola. If it’s in the dead of winter and you want to look at the stars outside at night you can also crank up the heat on your fireplace to stay warm as you are enjoying mother nature. Even on some spring nights it gets cold at night, so having a fireplace will allow you to use your outdoor living space no matter what time of year it is.

Having the outdoor fireplace coupled with the polycarbonate roof will give you the maximum flexibility for being able to spend time outside under your Oklahoma Pergolas. The polycarbonate roof will keep you dry while the outdoor fireplace will keep you warm during the colder months. This is a win-win situation that we highly recommend that our customers take vantage of. This will provide them with the biggest bang for their buck when trying to upgrade their backyard living space.

Other ways that you can enjoy being in your Oklahoma Pergolas built by Modern Woodscapes is to have a TV installed in one of our custom-built TV cabinets. These are made of the same high quality Western red Cedar that the pergola is made out of and it is also stained the same color. The TV cabinet has a door that opens to reveal the hidden TV inside of it, so you can close the door to protect it from damage when you are not watching TV. This will add a lot of functionality to your outdoor living space, is now you can watch your favorite sports team score the game-winning points. You can host parties outside centered around sporting events or your favorite TV show. This will be such a fun time for the friends, family, and guests that you have over and they will want to be back to hang out at your house the next time that show is on. Along with the TV, we recommend to our clients that they install the speaker system underneath their Pergola so they can listen to their TV in surround sound, but also they can turn on their favorite music playlist and set the ambiance how they would like.

Other accessories that you can add to your Oklahoma Pergolas built by Modern Woodscapes is to have us build a custom cedar bench or swing to hang underneath of your pergola. The pergolas that we build our super strong and can hold a lot of weight, so attaching a swing to the underside of a beam will be totally fine. This will increase the flexibility of the seating that you have underneath of your pergola. Another great way to increase the seating options is to have us build a custom cedar bench for you, it doesn’t have to be attached so you can move it around to position it in the perfect spot for seating. If the fireplace is on and you want more guests to be able to feel the heat from that, then you can move it over to be near the fire to keep the guest warm.

So what are you waiting for if you are wanting to upgrade your backyard living space? You need to call Modern Woodscapes right now at 405-596-7165 to talk to one of our trained customer service reps. We will schedule a time to have one of our expert designers come out to do a free consultation with you. We also provide a free 3-D rendering of your project in your backyard. You can also visit our website at www.modernwoodscapes.com to learn more about Modern Woodscapes and all of the services that we offer.