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Modern Woodscapes, Tulsa Decks, is the best outdoor living construction company in the Tulsa area. They will take your backyard and transform it into an ideal space for you and your family to enjoy. Are you wanting to grow closer to your family? Are you wanting to have more meaningful conversations? Are you wanting to use your outdoor living space to grow the bonds in your relationships? Modern Woodscapes has several suggestions to help you have more meaningful conversations in your outdoor living space. If you want to truly connect with those around you is important for you to unplug and remove distractions, have a time and place where you can gather, know the right questions to ask, and leave room for everyone to share something. It is easy to grow deep and meaningful relationships; you only need to be intentional and know the right steps to take. Take time today to consider having more meaningful conversations, and you will see your relationships prosper.

The first suggestion Modern Woodscapes, Tulsa Decks, will give so you can have so you can have more meaningful conversations in your outdoor living space is that you must unplug and remove distractions. We live in a society where we are constantly bombarded with distractions. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep our brains are constantly overloaded with information. It can be very difficult to block out all of these distractions and connect with the people around us. Technology has become a huge part of this issue. Our phones and other screens are in the way of us truly connecting with those around us. The first step in having meaningful conversations is simply unplugging from media for a certain period of time every day. It is important to at least have one hour a day where you intentionally set your phone aside and have uninterrupted time with the people in your life. You could designate time in the day such as the hour where you have dinner where everyone in your family put their phones away and focuses on one another. In outdoor living space is perfect for this. You could have a charging station right by your door for all phones go before dinner. Then everyone can go outside and fully focus on one another. Going outdoors is really helpful because it not only separates you from all the technology inside but it separates you from other distractions such as a pile of laundry or stack of dishes.

The second suggestion Modern Woodscapes, Tulsa Decks, will give is that you need to have a time and place where you gather.  When developing a bond in your relationships, consistency is key. We live in a society where our schedules can be very inconsistent. People often grab dinner as they are running out the door or stop at a fast food restaurant. The table is a perfect place to gather and connect with one another. Find an intentional time of the day where your family gathers to have conversation. This could be an hour for breakfast or an hour for dinner in the evening. Whatever time it is, make it clear and consistent. In outdoor living space can be a perfect place to gather. Not only is it a separate space that is free from distraction, but it is set apart from the rest of your daily life. It can be a safe place where people feel free to open up and connect more freely with one another. Being outdoors can also be extremely refreshing and help everyone to relax. People are relaxed, they tend to open up more and share about their lives. If you want a deeper bond with your family that you must have a time and place clearly set where you can build this bond together.

A third suggestion that Modern Woodscapes, Tulsa Decks, will give so that you can have more meaningful conversations in your outdoor living space is that you must ask good questions. Questions are the key to connection. Questions can help people become more aware of themselves, and they allow people to share things they wouldn’t have before. If you are constantly stuck in the same surface level conversations, consider the types of questions that you are asking. It is great to get the habit of asking some of the same questions every day to your family members. At mealtimes you can go around and everyone can share the high in the low of their day.  You can also get more creative with your questions. Challenge every one of your family members to bring one question to the dinner table. It could be a serious question or a funny question. There are also books available now that are filled with questions to ask to help break the ice and open people up. This can be a great resource. Any question, no matter how silly, will help you learn something about those around you that you didn’t know before. Be creative and have fun with asking questions.

A final suggestion that Modern Woodscapes, Tulsa Decks, will give so that you can have more meaningful conversations in your outdoor living space is that you must challenge everyone to share. In every family there will be someone who will be more resistant to opening up and sharing. It is important to engage every single person around the dinner table. You do not want one person dominating the conversation, and you do not want one person falling silent. One great way to make sure that everyone is engaged, is to challenge every person at the table to share about their day in at least two minutes. You can have a timer at the table that you set for two minutes, and each person has to talk about the highs and lows of their day for at least that long. It is very simple, but it will be very effective in engaging every single one of your family members. If you are interested in creating an outdoor living space for your family to bond, then visit Modern Woodscapes website at www.modernwoodscapes.com to learn more