Can You Use Your Pergola When It’s Raining?

We often get asked “is there any way that I can use my pergola if it’s raining?” And our answer to that question is YES! Here at Modern Woodscapes, we install a polycarbonate roof on every pergola that we build. Here are some reasons why:


Blocks the UV Light

It won’t be as hot underneath your pergola, since the UV light is reflected away. This also protects the stain on the pergola from fading over time. Plus, if you have patio furniture underneath your pergola, it will protect it from UV damage.

Blocks the Rain

A polycarbonate roof will block the rain and keep the cedar wood dry while it’s raining. This will help prevent the wood from rotting over time. Even though cedar is naturally rot resistant, long enough exposure to the elements will deteriorate the pergola over time. And again, it also keeps your patio furniture dry.

Cooler Temperature

The temperature will be cooler underneath your pergola. Since the polycarbonate roof blocks the UV light from the sun, it will feel much cooler underneath your pergola on those hot summer days. Letting you and your family enjoy the outdoors, even when it’s hot outside.


There are several different options of polycarbonate roof systems. We can tell you more about the specific details of each system when we come onsite for our consultation.

Having a polycarbonate roof on your pergola will help keep it looking good and make it last much longer. It’s the protection your pergola needs so your family can enjoy it for years to come.

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