How Much Does a Pergola Cost?

A common question that we get is “How much does a pergola cost?” One thing that I want to let you know, is that there are so many variables that can change the price of your pergola, and we will get in to those. But a common price per square foot for a pergola is between $40-$55 per sq ft, but a lot has to do with that.



  1. On most of the pergolas that we build, we use either 4×12 or 4×8 cedar beams. Both of these beams are 4” wide, but the 4×12 beams are 12” tall and the 4×8 beams are 8” tall. The 4×12 beams look much better, but are more expensive.
  2. Another material choice for you is picking the size of your joists and their spacing. We offer two standard sizes for joists: either a 2×8 joist, which is 2” wide and 8” tall, or 4×6 joist that is 4” wide and 6” tall. You can also vary the spacing of these joists


If we are building you a traditional rectangular pergola, where all of the cuts and the layout of the project is square and pretty straight forward, then it will be less expensive. However, if you want us to design an intricate curved pergola that wraps around your patio, that’s going to be a more complicated design and take longer to build, therefore increasing the cost per square foot of the project.


How easy is it to get into your backyard and how much space do we have around your patio that we can work in? Are we building your pergola in a tight, confined space to fit around your existing pool and patio? Or do you have an open backyard with lots of easy access?


These factors can affect how long a project takes and the quantity of materials in your project, therefore affect the cost.

Here at Modern Woodscapes we don’t do a standard cost per square foot like some of our competitors. We will bid your job individually to take all of these factors into account to give you the best price possible. This also helps if you are needing to get your outdoor living space under a certain dollar amount. We can maximize these cost-saving factors to give you the largest possible pergola that will fit your budget.

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