How Do We Mount Posts?

Here at Modern Woodscapes, we mount the posts of your pergola or pavilion on top of your concrete patio using Ozco post bases. Mounting a cedar post on top of concrete using a post base that is bolted onto the concrete offers several advantages, contributing to the stability, durability, and overall longevity of the structure. Here’s a breakdown of why this method is considered the best practice:


Prevents Moisture Damage:

Elevating the wooden post of your outdoor living space above the concrete surface helps prevent direct contact with the ground. This minimizes the risk of moisture absorption through the bottom, which can lead to decay, rot, and other forms of water-related damage.

Reduces the Risk of Insect Damage:

Insects, mainly termites, are less likely to reach the cedar post when it is not in direct contact with the ground. The post base acts as a protective measure, contributing to the overall resistance against pests to your outdoor living space.

Enhances Stability and Support:

Bolting the post base onto the concrete provides a secure and stable foundation for the pergola. This method ensures that the post is firmly anchored, reducing the risk of movement, swaying, or leaning over time. The added stability is crucial for supporting the weight of the pergola and withstanding external forces such as a strong wind gust.

Simplifies Installation and Maintenance:

The bolted connection provides a straightforward and reliable method for attaching the post securely for your outdoor living space. Additionally, if replacement becomes necessary in the future, it is easy to remove the structure when using a post base mount compared to alternative methods, such as placing the post in the ground and adding concrete around it.

Aesthetically Pleasing:

From an aesthetic standpoint, mounting a cedar post on top of a post base creates a clean and finished look. The black hardware adds a visually appealing touch, which contributes to the overall attractiveness of the structure.

Allows for Air Circulation:

Improved air circulation reduces the likelihood of fungal growth and wood decay. If the bottom of the cedar post has a wood “boot” around it, then the bottom of the post will rot and deteriorate much faster, so be weary of companies that install posts that way to an outdoor living space.

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