What Can You Add to Your Outdoor Living Space?

Here at Modern Woodscapes, our mission is to expand our customers outdoor living space so that they can enjoy it together with their family. We also know that every family has their own needs, wants, and desires when it comes to what they want their outdoor living space to have. Here are some ideas that you could have Modern Woodscapes implement for you:



Adding a pergola to your back patio is a fantastic way to bring everyone together. You can use the pergola as your foundation of your outdoor living space. We can build free-standing pergolas or attach them to your roof with Skylift Brackets. Even if your patio is an odd shape and not a perfect square or rectangle, we can build a pergola to match your existing patio. We install a polycarbonate roof on every pergola to protect you from the rain and UV light from the sun.

Janet B Tulsa Pergola 3



These are a step up from a traditional pergola. Pavilions have a pitched roof, shingles that match your house, and a vaulted ceiling. They feel more spacious and will definitely bring that “wow” factor to your backyard.

Paula H Tulsa Pavilion 9


Outdoor Fireplace

Whether it is wood burning or natural gas, they create the perfect ambiance for your gathering, and can extend the usability of your outdoor living space into the cooler months. We can build them right into the side of your pergola or pavilion, that way you can still use it even if it’s raining.

Brad S Tulsa Pergolas 10


Outdoor Kitchen

Adding a custom-built cooking area to your back patio will make using your grill so much more convenient. You can customize the kitchen by adding a grill, smoker, griddle, mini fridge, and even an ice maker. If you need more seating, you can have a bar top across the back with some stools. They can be simple structures, just for your grill, or elaborate masterpieces for all of the grill masters out there.

Scott B Tulsa Outdoor Kitchen 1


TV Cabinet

Having a TV on your patio is a must if you love sports and entertaining your guests. Modern Woodscapes can install a custom-made cedar TV Cabinet to your patio. They can be mounted to a privacy wall, on the side of your home, hang down from a pergola or pavilion, or even above the mantle of an outdoor fireplace.

Modern Woodscapes TV Cabinet 2


Audio & Lighting

This is a great option to have installed if you like watching the big game on your patio. We can install speakers, subs, and amplifiers so that you can hear every detail of the game. We often install ceiling fans and string lights to the pergolas and pavilions that we build. We connect the string lights to a remote control so that you no longer have to have that ugly extension cord wrapped around your patio for your string lights.

IMG 6850


Privacy Wall

They are a great option to add to your pergola, pavilion, or outdoor kitchen if you are concerned about the sun hitting your patio in the evenings from the west. They offer plenty of shade and will also help block that strong Oklahoma wind. Or if your neighbors can view your patio, a privacy wall will protect your outdoor living space from prying eyes and give you a sense of seclusion you might not otherwise have.

Jennifer F Tulsa Pergola 8


Fire Pit

They are a great addition to any patio. The smell of burning wood and the warmth that they provide is crucial to enjoying chilly evenings spent in your backyard. They are a great conversation hub as people tend to gather around them and enjoy the company of one another. We can build you a wood burning or natural gas fire pit, depending on your preferences. Adding a built-in stone bench around your fire pit is a great maintenance-free option for seating.

Jesse H Tulsa Fire Pit 1


Composite Deck

If the grade of your backyard is sloped or if you just love the look and feel of composite deck boards, we can build you a fantastic deck. Composite decks allow you to create a backyard living space on uneven ground and the look that they provide is second to none. Composite boards are a great option, since they are manufactured to last a lifetime. You can also pick the color of the composite boards to compliment the color pallet on your home. Plus, they have minimal maintenance, so if you are wanting to drastically decrease maintenance on your deck, then this is the perfect option for you.

Laurell E Tulsa Deck 4


Decorative Concrete

For most of the projects that we do, we start off by extending the concrete on a customer’s existing patio. We can add a stamped texture to the concrete and stain it to any color that you want. Stamping & staining your concrete patio is a major step up from a typical concrete pad, and it goes a long way to making your outdoor living space seem more inviting.

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