How to Decide Which Company to Hire for Building Your Pergola

It can be difficult to find the best company to hire when you are wanting a pergola built. Here are some guidelines that might help you in this process:


General Landscaping Companies

Try and avoid using a landscaper to build you a pergola. They probably offer a lot of great services, but if they don’t build pergolas all of the time, then they are probably going to be looking up instructional videos on the internet to get the job done. Then you’ll end up calling us in 6 months anyway to repair it. I tend to follow that saying “buy once, cry once” when making a big purchase, like a pergola.

Cheapest Option

Now, this one is a little tricky, because I don’t mean the cheapest option in terms of the lowest cost proposal. What I’m talking about is the material and design choices that the company will use to build your pergola. Are they following the best practices for the construction of pergola? How are they constructing the beams of the pergola? Can they guarantee that it won’t sag over time? It can be really hard to discern that during your initial consultation with that company. But a good way to go about it is researching ahead of time, what are the best practices for building a pergola. And then when they are at your house you can ask each contractor how they will actually build your pergola. If what they say seems fishy or they stumble around the question not knowing how to really answer it, then maybe they aren’t going to be a good choice when it comes to building a quality pergola for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Now, here at Modern Woodscapes, I believe we offer a very high-quality product at a very competitive price. But I also understand that not every customer would be able to afford a project built by Modern Woodscapes. I do want to let you know that we offer financing options, if that is something you are interested in. If you aren’t, because I know it’s not for everyone, then we can tailor the size of your pergola to fit your budget. But rest assured, you will still be getting a high-quality pergola that’s built to the Modern Woodscapes standard.

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